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Grillz FAQs

Metal Types

What is Dental Gold?
Dental gold is a non-precious dental alloy used by the dentist when you get a crown or filling. It's made to go into the mouth without any harmful effects. Dental gold can be yellow or white gold colour. It's a cheaper alternative compared to precious gold.
Can you make them with silver?
We do not use silver as it is very toxic in the mouth by itself. It can be broken down by saliva, thus leaking harmful chemicals into the body. We use solid white gold instead which looks like silver and is safe to be used in the mouth.
Is there a difference in gold colours?
There is a difference in colour when it comes to different types of gold. The greater the gold karat, the richer the yellow colour. For white gold there is a slight difference in colour but not a lot. Dental white, 14k and 18k look very similar, the only difference would be that 9k white gold has a slight yellow tint.


Diamond Types

Do you use real diamonds? Yes, we do! We use natural (EF Colour, VVS Clarity) diamonds in our diamond teeth. We also have moissanite available as a cheaper alternative, and is nearly just as good as natural diamonds.
Why not CZ? We never use CZ (Cubic Zirconia) stones in our products as they are very dull in the mouth, they don't sparkle as much as diamonds or moissanite, and over time they will go cloudy.