8mm Prong Cuban Link Chain (Silver)
8mm Prong Cuban Link Chain (Silver)
8mm Prong Cuban Link Chain (Silver)

8mm Prong Cuban Link Chain (Silver)

Sale price$1,108.00 USD

We do things differently at Iced London. We introduced Silver and Moissanite jewellery as a better alternative to the overpriced gold and diamond jewellery which has flooded the market today.

Put one of Iced London's $2,000 Moissanite chains next to a $20,000 diamond chain and you will not be able to tell a difference from the naked eye.

Aside from visual similarities, it also has similar physical properties. Moissanite contains Carbon, just like a natural diamond, therefore when you test a Moissanite gemstone with a diamond tester, it passes.

Everyone deserves ice at a fair price, and this is our way of bringing luxury within reach to everyone.


We understand the importance for your stones not to go cloudy over time, to sparkle like a real diamond, and to pass diamond testers. All of these qualities are found in the stones we use - Moissanite. They are graded just like a natural diamond, are almost identical, and costs much less as it's lab-made.


Our silver chains are crafted using 925 sterling silver coated in rhodium, which gives them brilliant shine and durability. Rhodium is a precious metal which has been favoured in jewellery for its luxurious sheen, value, and rarity.