VVS Moissanite Tennis Bracelet in White Gold
VVS Moissanite Tennis Bracelet in White Gold
VVS Moissanite Tennis Bracelet in White Gold

VVS Moissanite Tennis Bracelet in White Gold

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  • Premium 925 Silver
  • GRA Certified Moissanite (certificate included)
  • Passes Diamond Tester

Bringing you an all-time classic, the Round-Cut Tennis Bracelet. Throw on this bracelet with your outfit and step out looking fresh-as-hell with this iconic statement piece!

Layer it up with another bracelet, match it with our Round-Cut Tennis Chain, or flex it solo! Regardless, rocking this bracelet will certainly allow you to #STAYICY.

Material: Premium 925 Sterling Silver

Stone Type: Moissanite (VVS Clarity / D-Color)

Lifetime Guarantee: This product is guaranteed for life. Iced London will repair the item should you experience any defects in craftsmanship or breakage.

Shipping: This item is made-to-order and delivers in 4 to 8 weeks. All shipments are insured by FedEx. You will be sent weekly updates on the progress of your order.

You want to feel confident when you wear your jewelry. This confidence is achieved knowing that your jewelry is made with high quality stones which will not go cloudy over time, will shine hard and will pass the diamond tester.

These qualities are usually found in Natural Diamonds, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, however we use an alternative stone which has similar qualities and is just a fraction of the price: Moissanite.


What is moissanite?

Moissanite is a gemstone that's composed of silicon carbide. Although it's made to seem like diamonds, moissanite varies from diamond in both composition and in appearance. We explain how it compares in more detail below.

Does moissanite test as a real diamond?

Moissanite and natural diamonds conduct heat in a similar manner, therefore moissanite reads as a diamond on most diamond testers.

Does moissanite lose its sparkle?

Moissanite is a superior gemstone that will always stay bright and sparkly. Unlike other forms of diamond, moissanite never loses its sparkle or brilliance over time due to its hardness and refractive index (which tests as the best among all diamonds on the market).

How does moissanite compare to a diamond?


Moissanite tends to refract light more than diamonds, producing a stronger level of brilliance. This means that a moissanite will usually appear sparklier than a diamond of similar cut and size.


Moissanite usually has stronger fire (the breaking down of light into noticeable spectral colors) than diamonds. If you place a diamond and a moissanite next to each other under strong lighting, the moissanite will likely produce stronger flashes of color.


As moissanite is made in a lab, the average clarity level is higher than that of natural diamonds. We use VVS Clarity only across all items under the Moissanite Collection.


Both moissanite and diamonds can be colorless or near-colorless. We use grades D-E-F only (which is colorless) across all items under our Moissanite Collection.

Lab-Created (Eco-Friendly & Sustainable)

Moissanite is among the most ethical stone choices as it is a man-made stone, therefore no mining is needed to give you a perfectly brilliant moissanite. The stones also never go cloudy, so it can be reused an unlimited number of times. Eco-friendly and sustainable!

Does moissanite damage easily?

No. Moissanite actually resists chipping and breaking better than a diamond. Moissanite's hardness also makes it a great stone for everyday use. At 9.25 hardness on the Mohs scale, it stands up to wear and tear extremely well.

Is moissanite worth buying?

Many of our customers who simply don't feel the need to spend a lot on natural diamonds choose moissanite, and they are very happy with it. If you want to drip harder with stones that look great, pass the diamond tester and won't ever go cloudy with time for a reasonable price, then they are worth buying.

How long is shipping?

All orders are shipped from our warehouse located in London, England within 24 hours of being placed.

We offer free next-day delivery for all UK orders.

Delivery to all states in the USA is 2 business days via FedEx International Express.

What is Vermeil?

Vermeil (typically pronounced vehr-may) jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver as its base material, which is a standard material used in high quality jewelry.

The gold karat is at least 10k. We use 14k-18k, depending on the piece.

The gold must be at least 2.5 microns thick. This is much thicker than electroplated or typical gold dipped jewelry and therefore will outlast typical gold plated items.

How does the lifetime guarantee work?

Iced London offers an industry leading Lifetime Warranty. Our pieces are designed to last a lifetime, but if your product experiences any issues under normal wear and tear then you are entitled to a FREE one-time repair or replacement of the product. Our Lifetime Warranty does not cover unintentional abuse (water/chemical damage, scratches/scuffs, accidental breakage) or lost/stolen items. Any repairs or alterations performed by any party other than Iced London will void the warranty. If the particular piece you wish to exchange is discontinued, then we will allow an exchange for something of equal or lesser value.

How do I contact Iced London Customer Support?

We are happy to help answer any and all questions. You can email our customer support at info@icedlondon.com.

How long do custom pieces take to make?

Custom orders will take up to 6 weeks to make if you paid for priority production, or up to 8 weeks to make if you did not pay for priority production. This production time is in place as these products are made to order and are subject to specific testing and quality control. Please note, even if next day delivery is selected for custom products as the shipment method, the 6 week/8 week delivery still applies.

How long do vermeil/solid gold pieces take to make?

Vermeil and solid gold options are made to order and can take up to 5 weeks for delivery.

What is your returns policy?

We accept returns/exchanges within 14 days of the date your item was delivered. If you would like to return/exchange any item(s), please contact customer support via email info@icedlondon.com.

We cannot accept cancellations or returns on the following items:

  • Custom Pendants
  • Earrings
  • Vermeil Items
  • Moissanite Items
  • Solid Gold Items


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Shipping Information

Orders received on weekdays before 11am GMT / 6am EST will be shipped the same day. Orders placed after this time will be shipped the next day. Orders placed over the weekend will be shipped out Monday. 

  • Please note that during busy periods shipping times may be affected and you may have to check with your preferred courier as to their deadlines. 
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    Measuring your wrist for bracelet size



    STEP 1: Measure your wrist with a flexible tape measurements or a strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear the bracelet.

    STEP 2: If you are using a plain strip of paper, mark your size with a pen or pencil then use a ruler to measure the length in inches. That would be your wrist size.


    Measuring your finger for ring size



    Ring Size Chart

    Length (cm)          Size

    5.4-5.6                    7

    5.7-5.8                    8

    5.9-6.1                    9

    6.2-6.3                   10


    High quality materials which won't fade or change color.

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    Certified gemstones which pass the diamond tester and won't go cloudy.



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