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Iced London became popular due to the high demand for great quality, good looking and long lasting jewelry at an affordable price. This is what we have been able to provide to thousands of customers worldwide and is what continue to do so. 

After popular demand for more precious metals and stones (especially ones which pass the diamond tester), we have introduced a new range of even better quality products under a new collection by the name of Iced London Plus. Each product is stamped with the signature IL+ logo to certify the quality of your product.

The metal will always consist of 925 Sterling Silver & VVS Moissanite Stones.

S925 is a 100% precious metal used by most premium jewellers. It is high quality, long-lasting, durable, and hypoallergenic. On top of this we plate it with a thicker layer of real 18k gold plating (3 microns thick to be specific).

Moissanite stones are incredibly hot right now and an overall incredible stone choice. The first positive is that it passes the diamond tester, the reason most people love it! Other reasons we believe it’s one of the best choices are that it is way cheaper than natural diamonds due to it being lab-made, meaning we can produce an unlimited amount of them. Natural diamonds on the other hand are in limited supply, so the price is much higher. We use the highest grade there is, D-Grade Moissanite, which is colorless and shines even better than real VVS diamonds. Some more benefits to include are that it ranks 9.25 on the Mohs scale (meaning it is very durable. Natural diamonds have a hardness of 10, which is the highest). The stones will never go cloudy, they are eco-friendly and sustainable, we can go on and on!

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