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The best keeper out there for an earring worth every penny I’ve never owned jewelry until now. The pieces I got turn heads and my husband loves them. The jewelry is high quality and very durable. I would definitely recommend this product or brand to anyone. I already told my sisters about it and they can’t wait to be future customers. I am very happy and satisfied with my earring and bracelet thank you again for being my first jeweler.


My whole order experience from beginning to end went flawlessly! Delivery came faster than expected! And when I saw my bracelet , I was blown away I love it!!!!!!

Great knew this company can be trusted couldn’t ask for a nicer necklace

My purchase experience has been amazing. The customer service as well as the items was simply top notch I am definitely a customer for life. I will whole heartedly recommend you reach out and try for yourself the entire process. The bracelet speaks for itself.


Nice chain

Icedlondon shop has real good quality jewelry, I purchased two hamsa pendants and they came out better than expected, I love the quality the deals and the time it takes to get here.
I will for sure be making another purchase. Thanks

Very nice items and I’ve ordered several. I cannot speak higher of this company. Everything is as expected, very reasonably priced, and sometimes even come with free extra gifts. This hamsa pendant was fire as well

My items came quickly and the quality was even better than I expected! I’m very impressed and will definitely be ordering again soon! Nice pendant as well


I bought a chain, ring, bracelet,pendant, and watch from iced London . Everything looks well made and I get complimented everywhere I go

The experience was fine. The only issue was that the order arrived a few days late but that was the fault of the postal service. The earring looks great


Great customer service this is my 3rd time buying from icedlondon shop and I've never had any issues at all. All transactions were seamless and customer service was great. Bracelet shines hard and durable too


The customer service is great and for the money you really can't beat their products. It's nice quality stuff that won't break the bank. I've bought my son, me, and my wife stuff from icddlondon and everyone is always hyped. This chain for me wasn’t any different


First and foremost I really appreciate the extremely fast response customer service has to emails. As for the jewelry! No words can the describe the fine excellence in design and the brightness of the stones. I'm extremely satisfied with my orders.

Really sick

I really enjoy the jewelry I got from icedlondoj, the prices are so worth the quality and niceness of the pieces when you finally have them in hand, the pictures on the website don’t do enough justice for how they look in person. Hands down the nicest jewelry I own

Icedloson does everything to make sure that you are comfortable with your order and sends you step-by-step updates of the shipment as it makes its way to you?
I feel very confident in making purchases from this company. Love icedlondon

All my orders been completed and received as promised by Icedldn. Theyre 100% authentic everything i received is exactly how the quality comes. i have made purchases from similar companies but now icedlondon is my go-to company. Their product is solid, the quality is outstanding and package very well. I'm looking forward to spreading the news about their product and to also purchase more jewellery for my family and loved ones, Thank you so much icedlondon Great job!!!!!! And this chain was amazing

Icedlondon is amazing I bought earrings from them before this is my 3rd order and this bracelet is very nice as well love icedlondon

Nice bracelet

Good quality

They don’t lie

The product in person is the same as in pictures there shipping is fast and arrives faster then the eta their customer service is incredible and never fails to disappoint will use icedlondon as my jewellery plug

Great earrings

I just ordered some jewelry from your store and I loved it it was a gift for my wife bought here these earrings and she loved it too now I ordered a little something for myself and a birthday gift for my cousin the jewelry has great quality and is amazing value used the winter discount so I have no complaints.. This my new favorite jewelry store. Amazing service

Fantastic service

Got a bracelet for my brother a chain for my self and these earrings for my girl all quality products that didn’t disappoint live up to the price and shipped fast with amazing customer support from Mo


Bought from them before & recently got a few things.All very nice quality items that shipped faster than stated. One small problem is that a bracelet fits a little too big. It was stated to be 3 sizes in one during a support chat, so I thought I could adjust the bracelet. But mo helped me return it then I bought these earrings for my beautiful wife and she adored them

I've been buying from icedlondon for a while now and I haven't been disappointed even a bit. They are quick to fix and problems I love their promo deals and all their jewelry last forever. The shine the quality is amazing on every product specially the chain, this ring didn’t disappoint as well perfectly made 100% my style their designing team is amazing and I love everything I buy from them


Love the great discounts and the quality of product and exceptional staff. These purchases have been for my boyfriend and he loves them. He even loved this chain more then anything else